How It Works

ASMC Holdings custom approach unlocks value and creates attractive, efficient and income producing multifamily real estate investments.  Thanks to changes in securities laws, the investors of Main Street can invest as little as $5,000 alongside the institutional investors of Wall Street.

Our Process

The ASMC Holdings team goes through a rigorous property selection process for all the properties we invest in.


It all starts with access. As an established investment firm, we source deals with our internal team as well as regularly partnering with high net worth individuals, family offices, and financial institutions from around the globe. Leveraging these partnerships give us access to a vast amount of on-and-off market properties—giving us a better chance of finding investments with upside.


As part of a 15-year old firm that has purchased over $5 Million in assets, we invest alongside institutional investors and family offices. We’ve been through recessions and real estate bubbles and we know how to capture the upside.

Rigorous Underwriting

Once we’ve found great properties, ASMC Holdings underwriting team evaluates them individually and puts them through a rigorous underwriting process designed to determine that the fundamentals of the properties are strong. 

Team-Based Evaluation

Once underwriting is complete, potential investments go through an in-depth review by our investment committee.  As part of a larger organization, the ASMC Holdings team has experts in property management, utility billing, construction, asset management and a host of market specialists’ on-hand to validate underwriting assumptions.

Check and Double Check

Before pulling the trigger our team does an on-site evaluation of every property, interviewing staff, walking every single unit, and hiring professionals to perform additional due diligence when a specialized evaluation is needed.

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